Wally Masur
Wally Masur
Wally Masur
Wally Masur
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  • Personal
  • Residence: Sydney, Australia Single
    Singles titles: 3, Doubles titles: 16, as follows:
    as follows: 1993--(2) Milan, Stuttgart-indoor (w/Kratzmann)
    1988--(1) Newport 1991--(3) San Francisco (w/Stoltenberg), Stutt-
    1987--(1) Adelaide gart-outdoor (w/E. Sanchez), New Haven
    1983--(1) Hong Kong (w/Korda)
    1990--(2) Japan Open (w/Kratz.),Hong Kong(w/Cash)
    1989--(2) Syd./NSW (w/Cahill),Str. Mt. (w/Kratz.)
    1988--(1) Brussels (w/Nijssen)
    1986--(2) Auck. (w/Dyke), Livingston (w/R. Green)
    1984--(3) Melb. Ind., Adel.,Melb.(Dec.)(w/Dyke
    Year-by-Year Highlights: 1983--(1) Taipei (w/Warwick)
    1989- Semifinalist at Singapore, Brisbane; Quarterfinalist at Adelaide,Sydney
    NSW, Paris Indoor (d. Mancini), Wembley; Doubles Semifinalist at Singapore
    Stoltenberg); Doubles Quarterfinalist at Australian Open (w/Kriek).
    1988- Winner at Valkenswaard Ch.; Runner-up at Adelaide (l. Woodforde); Semi-
    finalist at Munich; Quarterfinalist at Brussels; RD 16 at Australian Open,
    Wimbledon; Doubles Semifinalist at Monte Carlo, Rome, French Open, Toronto;
    Doubles Quarterfinalist at Wimbledon (all w/Woodforde).
    1987- Runner-up at Nancy; Semifinalist at Australian Open, Sydney/NSW, New-
    port; Quarterfinalist at Livingston; Doubles Runner-up at Brisbane Indoor
    (w/Dyke); Doubles Semifinalist at Stratton Mountain (w/Drewett).
    1986- Runner-up at Jerusalem Challenger; Semifinalist at Auckland, Livingston
    Quarterfinalist at Sydney Indoor; Doubles Runner-up at Munich (w/Dyke),
    Bristol (w/Edmondson).
    1985- Runner-up at Auckland; Semifinalist at Adelaide; Quarterfinalist at
    Melbourne Indoor, Sydney/NSW; RD 16 at Australian Open; Doubles Runner-up
    Auckland, Milan, Sydney/NSW (w/Dyke).
    1984- Runner-up at Taipei; Doubles Runner-up at Metz (w/Hampson), Aix-en-Pro-
    vence (w/C. Lewis), Brisbane (w/Dyke).
    1983- Quarterfinalist at Australian Open, Nancy.
    1982- Winner at Tokyo (non-Grand Prix); RD 16 at Australian Open.
    Winner of 1981 Australian Open junior Championships.
    Began playing at age 14.
    Mother was a school teacher, father in the construction business.
    Member of Australian Davis Cup team, 1986-present.
    Hobbies include relaxing on the beach, music and architecture.
    Compiled a 32-22 match record and earned a career-high $195,252 in 1989,
    finishing in the top 50 for the third straight year at No. 42.


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